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Medhaj Astro Hora Diary

Medhaj Astro Hora Diary, is a unique creation of Medhaj Astro, wherein, you will get the requisite details of Panchaang and it will help you to plan your daily activities based on Hora.


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What makes our diary unique ?

Each page of our diary is divided into horas which is divided into horas which can be need as a powerful guide towards making your day most fruitfuil

What is HORA ?

The value of hora is one hour, and the word HOUR was derived from HORA, which is a Sanskrit word. Names of weekdays i.e., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are derived from the Shatabdika Panchang. We should know, why Tuesday comes after Monday, why Wednesday comes after Tuesday and so on. It was not decided just like that; this sequence has a proper justification. The order of days in a week are defined according to the speed of the planets/ astral bodies with reference to the movement of the Earth. Speed of the seven grahas, with reference to the movement of the Earth is: Moon (being the fastest), Mercury (slower than Moon), Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (slowest). 

What is to be done in each HORA ?

The 25th hour of Sunday or Ravivar is the first hour of the next day. The first 25th hour belongs to Moon, as per the above table, 24th hour belongs to Mercury, so by the rule, whichever planet gets the first hour, the day belongs to that planet. So, the day following Sunday shall be Monday as the Moon lords the first hour of the second day. 
Similarly, we do the exercise of writing the lordships of the 24 hours of Monday and lord of the 25th hour of Monday is also the lord of the first hour of the next day which is Mars. Hence the day following Monday shall be Tuesday (Mars-day) as it lords the first hour of the third day. 
In this manner we derive the list of the weekdays as Sunday (Sun-day), Monday (Moon-day), Tuesday (Mars-day), Wednesday (Mercury-day), Thursday (Jupiter-day), Friday (Venus-day) and Saturday (Saturn-day). 
This diary has been designed to help you understand and determine the best time or hora for achieving success in your daily routine. The daily panchang has been mentioned on each page of this diary, along with the detail of the ruling planet of each hora of 24 hours. 
What is to be done in each hora? 
Sun Hora: Sun Hora is auspicious for all political work, interactions with and meetings with politicians, leaders, and government officials, job applications, interactions with the court, transactions involving money, buying and selling, and risk-taking activities. 
Moon Hora: Moon Hora is favorable for beginning a new job, meeting seniors, moving or changing residences, traveling, taking on house or property-related tasks, engaging in romantic encounters with the other sex, purchasing and wearing ornaments, engaging in mediation, purchasing and selling textiles and clothing, all water-related activities, as well as performing creative and artistic tasks. 
Mars Hora: Mars Hora is fortunate for dealing with matters pertaining to land and agriculture, the purchase and sale of vehicles, electrical and engineering projects, adventurous endeavors and sports, giving and receiving of loans, physical activity and martial arts, as well as matters involving brothers and fire. Steer clear of disputes and conflicts. 
Mercury Hora: The Hora of Mercury is beneficial for all types of account work, telecommunication, and computer-related tasks, learning and teaching, studying scriptures, astrology, writing, printing, and publishing-related tasks, purchasing or wearing ornaments, and trade and business-related matters. 
Jupiter Hora: All favorable endeavors benefit greatly from the Jupiter hora. A new career, a new business, a meeting with the elderly, the beginning of a new course or learning, court-related concerns, all religious endeavors, marriage discussions, and journeys and pilgrimages are all considered auspicious. 
Venus (Sukra) Hora: Venus hora is favorable for matters involving romance and marriage, for buying and selling clothing and ornaments, for leisure and entertainment, for purchasing or using new automobiles, and for matters involving dancing and music. 
Saturn (Shani) Hora: The Hora of Saturn is suitable to deal with labor related matters, for oil and iron related businesses. It is inauspicious for all other matters. However, this is the best time to work hard and be disciplined. Saturn hora is strong on Saturday.